Ensure the Intactness of Bottles with Leak Detector

Ensure the Intactness of Bottles with Leak Detector

PET bottles have acquired a huge place in a large number of industries such as pharmaceuticals, laboratory chemicals and drugs, food and beverages, and many more. With the augmented need of the bottles in different sectors, there is a significant requirement of high-quality of bottles so that the best packaging could be provided to the products with the high quality, hygiene, and safety. The safety of the products that are filled inside can be assured only by using the best quality of PET bottles.

Key Solution to Make Bottles Leak Proof

The manufacturers in PET & Preform industries make use of best quality of PET products and must confirm the quality of the products with the help of high-quality of testing machines. There are numerous test procedures that are required to conduct on the bottles to ensure that they are of best quality. One such testing machine is Vacuum Leak detector. The testing machine is used in the PET & Preform industries for the purpose of testing the integrity intactness of the caps of the bottles so that leak-proof bottles can be provided to the customers.

Working Process of Vacuum Leak Detector

The testing machine is widely used to test the quality of the PET bottles by providing them with a high amount of pressure. The testing sample is subjected to a large quantity of vacuum and then it is analyzed for any type of development and deformation of bubbles inside the test samples. In this manner, any type of leakage and pinholes can be detected using the test machine.

Presto Stantest, a well-known manufacturer & supplier of testing machines, offers high-quality of leak detecting instruments such as vacuum leak tester, secure seal tester, leak decay tester, pressure leak decay tester, and many more.

Presto’s Vacuum Leak Detectors

Vacuum Leak Tester is a consistent tool which is used to visually determine the integrity of foiled cups, pouches, gels, etc. that are tested under a vacuum. A defined amount of vacuum is produced in the chamber to examine the integrity for evaluating the leak proofs of foil packaging to assure that the closures are intact. Vacuum Leak testers are used to examine the sealing quality and integrity of the package, especially when exposed to a different range of pressure.

Features of Leak Testers

  • Microprocessor-based controls that ensures accuracy and repeatability
  • Meets specification of USP 28 Packaging Practice
  • Automatic sample testing via quick vacuum mechanism
  • Inbuilt Calibration facility
  • Digital Pressure displays for easy pressure monitoring
  • Inlet Vacuum Pressure setting, Pressure, and Preset Timer function
  • Changeable Timer Units in Hrs : min : sec
  • Stainless steel body for corrosion resistant finish
  • Complied with various standards: ASTM F 2338-09(2013), ASTM D 4991-07(2015).

Technical Specification of leak testers

Although, there are numerous vacuum leak testers available with different range and specification, but there are some important things that customer must look for to buy the best testing device. Below mentioned are the specifications of Presto’s Vacuum Leak tester for Bottles:

  • Equipment Range: 750 mm Hg
  • Working Range: 600 mm Hg
  • Least Count: 10 mm Hg
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Controls: For timer & pressure monitoring
  • Size of Desiccator: Up to 300mm
  • Timer: Preset up to 999 seconds

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