Estimation of Polymer Quality with Xenon Test Chamber

Estimation of Polymer Quality with Xenon Test Chamber

The polymer material is one of the major consumptions throughout the world. You cannot live without using a single polymer substance in your daily life. Imagining your world without polymers is nearly impossible. Polymer manufacturers earn a major profit of our economy and to maintain the same they need to maintain and improve the resistance of their products to any kind of damage. Usually, there three major factors which affect the quality of polymer products the main, they are solar radiation, temperature and moisture. To assure the customers that your product can fight the maximum against these factors, it is vital to test them in exact environmental conditions for a particular time period. In this blog section, we will tell you about the role of weathering tests and the testing machine termed as Xenon test chamber.

Need of weathering tests

Laboratory testing will provide more repeatability and reproducibility of testing results. In addition, by accelerating the testing in a laboratory, product manufacturers can gather performance data much quicker allowing them to make design decisions and launch their new products more efficiently. These chambers can very effectively simulate the exact weathering conditions one can imagine.

Non-tested Plastic materials introduced into global markets can easily lead to product failures. Sometimes a product will have a unique sensitivity to the local environment that cannot be predicted unless until tested in an efficient environmental test chamber.

Theory of Xenon Testing

The Natural sunlight is made up of three major wavelengths: Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared. The shorter the wavelength range, the more intense the photon energy; thus more effect on the material which is exposed in it.
A Xenon lamp, when filtered properly, simulates both UV and visible wavelength very closely making it an excellent option for testing exposure to natural solar radiations.

One such efficient testing apparatus is the Xenon testing chamber. It is equipped with Fluorescent UV lamps which are used to create the ultraviolet part of the complete sunlight.


Few key features we deliver:

• Easy to operate and user-friendly
• The testing machine provides highly accurate and reliable test results.
• The machine is provided with a user manual and a compliance certificate that are perceptible to NABL approved labs.
• The instrument strictly adheres to various national and international standard test methods that are provided by different standardization authorities.

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