Evaluate Bursting Strength Of Corrugated Boards As Per TAPPI Standards

Evaluate Bursting Strength Of Corrugated Boards As Per TAPPI Standards

Bursting Strength Tester-AnalogueVarious national and international standardization authorities like ASTM, ISO, BIS, TAPPI, offers the list of standards that comprises of various test methods and procedures to test the quality of corrugated boxes. The ideal standards to measure the Bursting Strength as per TAPPI standard are TAPPI/ANSI T 810 om-11, TAPPI/ANSI T 810 om-11, TAPPI T 807. Out of these methods, TAPPI/ANSI T 810 om-11 is used to measure the bursting strength of corrugated sheets.

The test method clearly describes the test procedure to measure the bursting strength of the single wall and double wall corrugated boxes having the range from 100 psi to 700 psi or 690 kPa to 4825 kPa. As per the TAPPI standard of measuring bursting strength, the instrument comprises of a disk-shaped molded diaphragm. The double walled and single walled corrugated board can be tested with the device considering that the single board comprises of two faces with one fluted medium in between, and the double wall corrugated board comprises of three faces and two fluted mediums.

To perform the bursting strength as per TAPPI standards, the specimen is clamped between the two plates with circular opening the centers. The lower plate of the instrument is fixed whereas the upper clamp can be adjusted and remain stationery to perform the test until the specimen bursts. The instrument comprises of an expanded diaphragm on the lower clamp through which the hydraulic pressure is provided to the specimen until the specimen burst. The pressure at which the specimen burst is recorded by the instrument.

To evaluate the bursting strength or bursting factor of the paper, TAPPI has provided TAPPI T 403 and for linear boards TAPPI 807.

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