Evaluate Edge Crush Strength of Corrugated Box Material

Evaluate Edge Crush Strength of Corrugated Box Material

Edge Crush Strength of Corrugated box material plays a very important role, in the selection of corrugated fibreboard by manufacturers. It has been a standard criterion for this industry. The edge crush strength value is set for the materials as per their further application. For instance, a corrugated box produced for glass material storage will have a particular strength requirement and boxes meant for shipping and transporting will have a different strength value. Therefore, Corrugated testing Instruments are the need of the hour. It is very important to test each and every property of the corrugated sheet including the edge crush strength. However, not testing and using a poor quality tester will have the same impact on the production process. Hence, choosing the right testing instruments is also important.

Edge Crush Tester is a high-precision testing equipment designed by Presto Stantest. The machine is used for testing Edge Crush Strength of Corrugated box Material, i.e. the corrugated sheets. Standardized to IS 7063 test standard, the equipment is digitally controlled and based on advanced mode microprocessor program. It can evaluate the resistance of a corrugated sheet against crushing forces. It is renowned in the Paper packaging industry majorly.
The three-in-one testing mode is the USP of the machine. It offers the Ring Crush Test (RCT, Edge Crush Test (ECT) and Flat Crush Test (FCT). For every test method, there are three different types of fixtures available with the machine. Various types of corrugated fibreboard can be tested with this Edge Crush Tester. The microprocessor-based control assures high-level of accuracy in test data. The compression force or crush force applied to a specimen during the test will be displayed on the digital mode screen, equipped with a bright LED light. The force application is standardized and ensures exerting uniform pressure on the entire test surface equally at all point. The specimen clamping grips are made strong and hold the sample tight for zero slippage.
The user can also calibrate the device as per need using inbuilt calibration facility. The entire operation is managed with feather-touch buttons for user comfort. Designers have also taken care of the test safety and installed upward & downward safety switches. The operator can experience a hassle-free test while evaluation Edge Crush Strength of Corrugated box material.

It has often noticed that people get confused between Edge Crush Tester and Bursting Tester. The two types of an equipment test entirely different aspect of a corrugated fibreboard. 


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