Evaluate slip factor of packets with Coefficient of friction test

Evaluate slip factor of packets with Coefficient of friction test
Packaging industries use flexible plastic films for many food items. These can include from a packet of snacks, oil or flour. These packages need to have enough luster and resistant to slippage too. Paper and packaging industries work in a manner to provide their best packaging material with possible frictional resistance. During transit or storage, packages are kept over each other where frictions between the surfaces act. In packaging plastic films that enough resistance is needed, so that the packets may not slip off due to very low resistance and also don’t get tear off because of high resistance. This property is also needed to make sure that the good packed in the package remain in its place.
Coefficient of Friction testing measures the friction working on a film. It evaluates friction at initializing the test and friction acting during the test, consecutively measuring static friction and dynamic friction. Static friction is that how much force it takes a sample to start slipping on another surface. Dynamic friction is the friction measured at the time of movement of the sample. If overall coefficient of friction is high, than slippage factor is less and if COF is less than the slippage factor is high.
Presto Co-efficient of friction tester evaluates sliding friction between the surfaces. There is a 3 kgf load cell. To perform friction test, a sample is clamped on the glass mounting and another sample is wrapped around the movable block. The speed of the block can be controlled. Once the movable block with sample, attached to thread starts to move with constant speed, the frictional force can be digitally seen on the LED. On reaching a point of specified distance, test is stopped and coefficient of friction can be assessed. The test can be performed in various forms as sample to sample, sample to glass and sample to metal.
The device is manufactured considering international standards as ASTM D 1894, ASTM D 883, ASTM D 618 and BS 2782.The machinery with zinc coating make it corrosion resistant. A glass mounting gives it space to place the sample and a slider to test the sample in varied formats. It is available in digital and digital cum computerized models. Digital cum computerized machine model is provided with a software CD, so that the result can be easily displayed in form of graph. It provides highly accurate and dependable result that helps the packaging industries for quality products.


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