Evaluate Tensile Strength of Plastic Material with Precision

Evaluate Tensile Strength of Plastic Material with Precision
Testing tensile property of plastic is a vital part of quality control in polymer industry. The resistance strength of a material under increasing tensile force is a very important property which is used for its structural application. Tensile strength is calculated as force applied per unit area to break the material, it is considered as the ultimate tensile strength of the plastic specimen or tensile strength at break. Tensile Testing Machine is a reliable source of testing the tensile strength of plastic in quality control labs.
The test equipment complies with numerous testing standards including ASTM D412, ASTM D429-73, ASTM D624, ATM D638-01, ASTM D76, IS 13360-5-7, IS 3400(Part1-1987). The functions are based upon constant rate of transverse or CRT principle. Highly precise microprocessor based digital force calculator for evaluating the precise amount of tensile force applied on the specimen. The digital based display screen can used to see the current ongoing test results.
Use advanced level of electronics for equipping highly sensitive load sensors. The sensors has a linearity feature and precise results can be achieved after repeatable test. The cross travel length is 700 mm which is grip to grip. It’s a single column rugged structure. The size can be adjusted as per request. Suitable for testing variety of plastic material. Equipped with safety limit switches alongside of the travel path for limiting the testing travel. User can set a particular specified travel distance with the limit switches. The machine used lead screws for a zero noise and frictionless smooth movement. 
The safety limit switches plays a vital role in the tensile testing process. There are many industries which desire to set the test process as per their requirements. In such cases they also limit the travel length of the grips while pulling the test material and performing the tensile test. Also the microprocessor based digital display screen can be used for dual mode activity. It can be used to set the testing related parameters and also to monitor the forces applied and the test values. There is a wide variety of grippers available with the machine which includes vice type grips which is the standard form. Then there is Flexural, Compression Plate, Wedge Type and Roll Type grips. With a wide variety of grips present user can perform tensile testing on a variety of samples. The entire machine is made up of mild steel material and is coated with corrosion resistant finish.
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