Evaluate The Strength Of Paper Cones With Cone Crush Tester

Evaluate The Strength Of Paper Cones With Cone Crush Tester

Paper cones and tubes are designed in such a way that it fits and let the production line going well. It is important to achieve targeted efficiency and minimise costly back-winding of poorly formed yarn packages. The cones are produced to meet the requirement with consistent dimensional accuracy and consistently produce a yarn carrier to meet the requirement in an extremely tight tolerance.

The collapsing force of carriers depends on the quantity and quality of paper, quantity and quality of adhesive. The collapsing force also depends on the manufacturing process and the moisture content in the carrier. Suitable standards are applied to monitor the quality of the paper cone. No calculations is required, therefore, readings are direct and more exact.

Various types of yarn are put up to work on machines. The favourable put up type depends on the type of machine. Paper cones are used as yarn carriers. Paper cones, tubes and bobbins are used for paper and plastic film reels. Manufacturers must address and fulfil the needs of modern high technology. Automatic yarn winding, spinning and twisting machines have created new standards in paper yarn carriers.
Cone crush tester are consistent and high –quality testing machine used to measure the crushing strength of cones. They are composed of paper tubes, bobbins, cardboard and various other types of core packaging material. It works on the principle of the radial crush test method. The machine is made in such a way that the force that is generated is put to 66% of the testing sample surface. The machine provides a precision degree in such a way that the smallest collapsing load are easily recorded and saved. It can be used to detect using load cell and chip based indicator.
Presto Cone crush tester are high-quality testing equipment with a load cell capacity of 500 kgf. It provides the accuracy level of ±2% at full load. The least count measurement is 0.01 kgf with a power supply of 220V. The testing speed is 12.5 ± 2.5 mm/min. The dimensions are 600x500x863 mm with strong clamps to hold the sample. Feather touch controls for easy and smooth working.


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