Evaluate the Surface Quality of Printed Materials with the Scuff Resistance Tester

Scuff Resistance Tester

The brand owners build their image & reputation in the minds of the customers for repeatable business. However, for a repeatable business, the foremost important aspect is to attract a customer base. The Indian market is highly attracted by the packaging of products that leave a long-lasting impression on a consumer’s mind. This makes it crucial for brand builders to undertake packaging & printing of products after the packaging process, extremely serious for better & enhanced impression.

The packaging of products carries extremely important information about it and thus makes it crucial for operators to ensure scuff-free printing. For Example, perishable items are equipped with the ingredients sector written on the packaging for the consumer to assess whether these ingredients are suitable or not. In the case of this printed information getting rubbed, the consumer can end up in trouble and so does the brand.

This makes it extremely important for manufacturers of the product to ensure that the printing quality is durable enough to withstand scuffing as the printed information might get erased due to rubbing of product surfaces against each other during transportation.

The Presto Group has stepped up as the leading lab testing instrument manufacturing company by assisting manufacturers with a high-end lab testing instrument called the Scuff Tester

The instrument is precisely designed to aid manufacturers in assessing the scuff resistance of materials and ensure maximum consumer satisfaction, avoid unnecessary hassles & provide maximum returns by enhancing the printing quality.

Let us take a look at how the lab testing instrument functions & delivers accuracy-driven results repeatedly.

The Working Mechanism of the Scuff Tester

The lab testing instrument is equipped with ergonomic manufacturing that enhances the testing experience of the operator and provides seamless & accurate testing measures.

The Scuff resistance tester is designed to perform a sample-to-sample test to determine the scuff resistance of a specimen.

To commence with the working mechanism, the operator has to clamp the two specimens carved out as per the size of the upper gripper (48 mm) and the lower gripper (120 mm). The specimen must be carved out in a circular shape for hassle-free adjustment.

The operator can simply profile the testing measures with the control panel. These measures include the timer and the profiling of the specimen. after the controls are adjusted the upper gripper and the lower gripper touch each other with their specimen ends.

The lower gripper remains stagnant and the upper gripper runs across the surface of the lower gripper at a speed of 60 rotations per minute. During the conduction of the test, the upper gripper is equipped with a pressure assembly that is forced on the specimens at 2 psi.

The scuff testing machine has an aerodynamically designed blower fan integrated close to the grippers that ensures the eradication of leftover samples due to their rubbing against each other in order to achieve high levels of accuracy.

After the test is completed for the adjusted time, the instrument automatically cuts the rotation of the grippers and the results can be withdrawn with the help of the LCD screen.

The scuff tester is equipped with certain other features that catch the eyes of manufacturers from all across industries and enable them to evaluate the scuff resistance of materials.

Eye-Catchy Features of the Scuff Tester

The scuff tester manufacturer has made the scuff testing machine a feature-enriched lab testing instrument that not only aids manufacturers with accuracy but also provides a seamless testing experience for the operator.

The first & foremost feature that attracts manufacturers is the embodiment of the safety key attached to the grippers of the instrument. The safety key prevents the overtravel and unnecessary travel of the grippers to enhance their longevity.

The instrument is equipped with another prominent feature which is the incorporation of a blower fan integrated closely with the grippers that enhances accuracy by eradicating scuffed specimens from its surface.

Another feature that manufacturers can not take their eyes off is the counts of the circular motion that the upper gripper can take under a single phase of testing. The upper gripper can be rotated up to 9,99,999 times.

The scuff resistance tester has gained a market of manufacturers due to its ability & construction in such a manner by the scuff tester manufacturer that the instrument can perform testing on different materials that are used in different industries. These materials are films, laminates, paper, corrugated sheets, and mono cartons.

The lab testing instrument is equipped with a top-notch and futuristic LCD screen that has an HMI-based output, enabling the operator to keep track of records and profile the specimen along with it. The screen enhances the testing experience by avoiding all the hassles & issues of testing.

The scuff tester machine is equipped with feather touch controls to encourage the operator to perform tests single-handedly and still achieve high levels of accuracy. These buttons not only assist but also contribute to the aesthetics of the instrument by adding a colourful touch to the instrument.

The scuff tester is also incorporated with a robust & firm construction due to the usage of mild steel material in its construction. The instrument ensures longevity because of the 7-layered coating of anti-corrosion paint.

All these features combine to serve extremely easy testing and enhance the testing measures of the instrument.

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To provide a perfect finish to the packaging of products carrying important information and branding aspects of the end product for consumer satisfaction and thus brand building. You can get your hands on the top-notch lab testing equipment called the Scuff Tester.

To attain more knowledge about the instrument or to get your queries resolved, feel free to reach out to our website right away. Place an order for the instrument directly by calling us at +91 9210903903 or e-mail us with your feedback regarding the product or after-sales service at info@prestogroup.com.

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