Evaluate The Water Absorptiveness Of Packaging Material

Evaluate The Water Absorptiveness Of Packaging Material

 Products are transported from the place of manufacture to end user in carriages. These packages are to protect the good from environmental conditions. The boxes may absorb some moisture from atmosphere that can even affect the good packed within it.  Every paper and packaging material have hygroscopic property that is the property of holding water molecules from the surrounding environment.

The moisture holding property of corrugated boxes need to be checked before packing any type of product like food eateries, oil packets or machinery in them. This property can be measured with the Cobb value. Cobb value is defined as the property of paper or packaging sample of 1 m² of absorbing water in recorded time under specific conditions. If Cobb value is high, the absorption capacity is high and with low Cobb value absorption capability is low.

Cobb Sizing tester is the instrument that determines the Cobb value of paper or corrugated box sample. The sample is weighed before and after the absorption of water during the test.
Presto Cobb Sizing Tester is easy to use device. The sample is cut in a circular shape of diameter 130 mm and weighed. That specimen is kept under the cylinder by reversing the cylinder and fixing it with a circular rubber pad. The cylinder is filled with water, which has 60 mm depth and has marking at 10 mm and 25 mm to measure water level. With the time set on a timer, the specimen is allowed to soak some water for a specific time.
The sample is rolled over by a 10 kg cylindrical weight roller for removal of excess water. Then it is weighed again and weight change in sample is evaluated as the Cobb value i.e. the absorptiveness property of a sample. Presto Cobb is manufactured considering the international standards as IS 1060, TAPPI –T441.Its features like corrosion resistant body, quick clamping method, stainless steel test area which is lightweight too, all in an effective price is the best deal for quality tests.


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