Evaluate Thickness Of Aluminium Beverage Cans To Get More Profitability

Evaluate Thickness Of Aluminium Beverage Cans To Get More Profitability

 Aluminium cans in the beverage industry are checked routinely for the wall thickness. The traditional method of cutting them up and manually measuring it is overshadowed by modern techniques. Aluminium cans are used mostly in cosmetic, packaging for pharmaceuticals and food products. For aluminium cans that contain pharmaceuticals and food inside, the protective layer is important to prevent it from any chemical reactions between the packaging and the contents inside. This is the reason why manufacturers must monitor the thickness carefully.

Wall thickness measurement is a non-destructive method to determine the thickness of walls. By analysing the thickness of cans the manufacturers can attain a high level of accuracy to produce best quality products to the customers. Magnamike 8600 is the exact machine to test the wall thickness of aluminium cans.

The Beverage Can wall thickness gauge evaluates the wall thickness of beverage cans at the mid wall and top positions. The preset positions can be changed according to various heights and diameters. Cans are measured at the back end i.e. finished can of the line and at the front end i.e. trimmed height. Precise thickness measurements are required to ensure uniformity in products and achieve quality in products. Too thick and too thin aluminium causes the problem to the manufacturers who use aluminium sheets in the designs and minimise the profitability of the aluminium producers. This is the main reason why aluminium producers utilise thickness measurement gauges to give accurate and fast, non-destructive thickness, and non-contact coating weight measurements. Thickness measurement instrument helps in providing exact, real-time measurements of aluminium and its alloys at the time of high speed production to ensure that the finished products have particular mechanical properties.
Magnamike 8600 is a tool that provides high-quality product branded by Olympus. One of the best device to conduct a test on wall thickness. Presto Stantest is the authorised dealer of wall thickness gauge. It provided accurate results and works on the simple mechanism of the magnetic field. The device has a digital colored screen to show thickness measurement.
Designed as per IP67 rating with high and low reading alarm. It shows a strip chart view and the measurements units are in inch or mm. Ability to save thickness readings in one standard format i.e. incremental, sequential, and sequential with a Custom point, 2-D grid. The instrument is capable of improving the production process efficiently. 


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