Evaluate Tolerance Resistance Of Packages With Vibration Table

Evaluate Tolerance Resistance Of Packages With Vibration Table

 Final products in any manufacturing process are needed to be transported to their destinations. These products can be packed in corrugated packages, fiberboard containers and PET containers. These package experience thrust and shock during transportations. Delivering products through road transportation where takes less investment can cost much due to inadequate condition of roads and damaging of products. 

These packages are needed to be tested under similar conditions. To predetermine the tolerance against jolts and jerks that a package would experience during transit, it needs to undergo numerous vibration and shaking tests.
Presto Vibration Table is an apt device for vibration testing simulating road transport like circumstances. Vibration testing is performed at some frequency of motion repeatedly for some specific period of time. A specimen is placed over test platform. There are strong heavy rail rods and nuts that are properly placed and tightened. This is for clamping and holding the sample at its place. A frequency is set for a specific time to test it with repeated vibrations. The damage results can be inspected and noted visually.
The device has test table size of 800 mm * 800 mm. It can bear and test maximum load capacity of 100 kg. The frequency can be adjusted in between 2 Hz to 6 Hz with performing test in vertical synchronous, vertical asynchronous, swivel synchronous and swivel asynchronous models. The amplitude is 25 mm peak to peak with a digital timer that can continue test up to 99.9 hours at maximum. In swivels model the testing angles can be changed easily with the help of sprockets varying from 0°, 30°, 60° and 90°. There are tightening rails on all sides for protecting from slippage during testing.
Vibration table complies of the standards of ASTM D999 and IS 7028(part II). The machinery is available in electromechanical, Pneumatic and electromagnetic models. Testing specimens can be corrugated boxes, fiberboard packages, PET containers, Cement and aggregate material bags. The machine provides accurate results by varying frequencies showing on LED display and continuing test with a digital timer. It proved to be a consistent tool for checking road worthiness of packages.


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