Examine Different types of Plastic Masterbatches Using Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile Testing Machine

Many plastics are inherently flammable. Therefore some careful measures must be taken to increase the safety of the products for different applications where there is a huge risk of fire. The best and highly cost effective method is to add a flame retardant additive at the time of plastic processing. Choosing the flame retardant carefully for a particular polymer is quite important to enhance the quality, strength, and functioning of the polymers. By adding the flame retardant masterbatches in polymers, it becomes easy for the manufacturers to explain the quality of the plastics. Moreover, after the processing of these polymers, the physical and chemical strength can be determined using high-quality of testing instruments.

On the other hand, Desiccant Masterbatch is the common problem which usually occurs during the process of plastic manufacturing. This problem arises due to the presence of moisture contents in the plastic, and it prevents the occurrence of moisture at the time of transportation. Moisture can be prevented in some type of plastics such as fillers, hygroscopic polymers, and pigments. Reprocessing the polymers can also lead to the presence of high amount of moisture content in the plastics. The polymer with a high amount of moisture content in it leads to inferior tensile strength of the end product. For example, in plastic films, if the polymer has a huge amount of moisture it can create bubbles and breakage of films. Therefore, this defect needs to be rectified using high quality of testing instruments.

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Plastic Testing Instruments to test the physical and chemical properties of plastics and polymers. These instruments include tensile strength tester, melt flow index tester, and many more. The instrument offers highly accurate and reliable test results. For more information, visit: www.prestogroup.com

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