Execute Pull out Test on Cap for Best Quality Closures

Execute Pull out Test on Cap for Best Quality Closures

A bottle cap or closure having the right amount of pull-out force provides an ease-of-access to the users. They should not be too easy to open but also not too tight. Pull out test on cap can assure that the right amount of force is now being delivered in the packed bottle. The manufacturers use various types of Filling Line Testing Equipments, for testing the cap quality. However, it is not enough to just pick up any test equipment without checking for test standards. When you are investing in quality assurance then choose the one which guarantees quality across the globe, one which follows global test standards and promises complete accuracy.

Cap Pull out Tester is an efficient result of highly skilled technology and standardized design. The equipment is used in several industries to evaluate the Pull-out force required to open a bottle cap. The pull-out strength is an important factor to test in order to set the right amount of closure pulling force as per company standards.
The equipment is robust construction, plated with corrosion resistant paint for long-life maintenance. It uses motorized technology for operation. The test process is digitally controlled. The force applied to pull is converted into numerical values and can be read on the display screen. The user can calibrate the machine as per requirement before starting the test for which an inbuilt calibration facility is provided in the Cap Pull out Tester. For each Pull out test on cap, one can calibrate the machine as per their choice.
At the digital display screen, you can see the test reading glowing bright due to LED light. The entire process of operation and force is based on a microprocessor program for higher accuracy in values. High-quality pull-out fixture for delivering stronghold on the bottle cap. The pulling off speed has been kept at a standard level. One can have tare and peak hold value with digital controls. Feather touch control buttons are provided for operation.
The applied tension force is always kept uniform on the specimen to assure precise testing.
Addition to all the strong gripping clamp is delivered for conducting pull out the test at 90-degree angle. Cap Pull out Tester is the best-known test equipment for conducting Pull out test on cap or closures. By conducting quality control on Bottle caps, the manufacturer can assure that the promised pull-out force can be delivered to the production line.
This is not the only important aspect of a bottle cap, there are many other tests to check the closure quality and you may go through them with our technical articles, Standard Operating Procedure to Test Leak Integrity of Bottle Caps.

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