Understand the Fundamental of Salt Spray Test to Explain Material's Corrosion Resistance Strength

Fundamentals of Corrosion Test

Corrosion testing is the foundation to understand that how a material will perform under different environmental conditions and help to ascertain the actual life of the product. Corrosion testing is performed in a large number of industries to test the quality and properties of materials for a large number of applications. A well-designed selection and corrosion testing program is a key to ascertain the quality and suitability of the material when they are subjected to varied environments. Corrosion test results in irreversible damage to the assets, materials, equipment and pipelines. These losses do not only affect the monetary term of the company but also results in subsequent equipment failure that can badly affect the production system, safety measures and also raises reputational damages.

With the corrosion testing facilities all over the world, Presto, one of the leading manufacturer of testing machines, offers a wide range of Salt Spray Testers in different production verticals to perform corrosion test and to measure the change in properties of the materials when they are subjected to different environmental conditions. Presto testing machines offer a challenging platform to simulate different environments to ascertain that how the materials will work and react to different environmental conditions. The instrument is designed as per the standard ASTM B117.

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