Extract Accurate Specific Gravity of Polymer

Extract Accurate Specific Gravity of Polymer

Polymers are the building blocks of every industrial application. Be it aerospace industry, or construction and building, plastic are used at every stage of production process. There are various properties of a polymer which are to be evaluated prior deciding its application in the industry. The list is long but few among them are the basics which includes the specific gravity of polymers. The value tell the constituent ratio and the mass index. Earlier it may get complicated testing the polymers but now with digitalization the Specific Gravity Balance is available for easy measurements. It is the calculated ratio of material mass of a specified volume at 23°C to the similar volume of deionized water solvent.

This particular property of any elastomer is of extensive significance for its distinguishing material. Other than it can likewise be utilized for giving an evaluation of polymer physical properties. It can likewise be utilized for finding if the sample and the items are set up from a similar compound or not. Shows coordinate particular Gravity carefully, No counts required. In light of the Archimedes guideline the equipment has been designed. Intended for use in lab applications. It is easy to utilize with two-step activity. Equipped with a LCD display. It is must to sink the sample into the DM water to dodge the drifting of test.
Max. Weighing Capacity it can take is 200 gm. The Least Count for the test is 0.01 gm. Having a Pan size of 120 mm. Display screen uses LCD technology. Using a 200 gm brass weight, the equipment can be calibrated. Shows a Linearity of ± 0.01 g. The range for Specific Gravity is from 1.0 to 3.0. Medium used for the test must be DM Water. For Power connection an AC adaptor is included.
A Hanging Hook is given for suspending the specimen while evaluating Specific Gravity of Polymer. Beaker placement base is given. Can be operated using battery. Deliver Superior resistance against shock & overload. Software lock switch is available along with transportation lock. Adjustable footrest with level indicator is also a part of the delivery. A Glass beaker can be given on request.


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