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Dart Impact Tester

Thermoplastic films, laminations, and packaging materials are widely used in the packaging industry to design and manufacture various packaging products like thermoplastic packets, etc. to pack different types of products like chips, sauces, jam, and many other eatable items. These products are packed in thermoplastic packets to maintain the freshness and quality of the eatable as they are directly related to the health of the customers. The major problem that arises with these packaging is the rupture which arises at the time of transportation if the impact strength of the materials is not up to the mark. Hence, to produce high quality of thermoplastic packaging materials, the manufacturers need to measure the impact strength of the materials.

The best way to determine the impact strength of the thermoplastic films and paper is Dart Impact Tester. While buying the top most quality of Dart Impact tester, the buyer’s need to consider certain things in mind and must look for certain features of the instrument. Few of them are mentioned below:

Size of the Clamp

The Size of the clamp should be checked as per the requirement of the test. The Drop testers are provided with the different diameters of the clamp to upload the specimen.

Height of Fall

The standard height of fall that drop testers offers is 1524mm. Always make sure that your device provides you the standard height of 1524mm to perform the test with high accuracy.

Working Mechanism

Drop testers are designed and manufactured on the basis of electromagnetic release mechanism as it is provided with the electromagnetic dart holder to perform the test that ensures precise and accurate results. While buying a top most quality of Drop tester you can ensure through the user manual of the instrument that on which mechanism the instrument works.

Economic Feasibility

The cost-effectiveness of the testing instruments can never be overlooked or disregarded. You will definitely make a fair and best deal if you will first decide your budget and think whether the device is economically feasible as per your requirement or not. But ensure that while looking for the cost-effectiveness you are not compromising on the quality of the testing instrument.

Warranty and Calibration Certificates

Also, check that the device you are buying is provided with warranty and calibration certificates that ensure you to perform the testing procedures efficiently for a long period of time.

Buy Branded Product

While buying an instrument always buy it from a reputed and branded manufacturer of the said niche. Also, ask for after sales support and services to make a great business deal.

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Dart Impact tester that offers highly accurate and reliable test results. The instruments are designed on the basis of various standards that explain the quality of the instrument. For more information on Dart Impact Tester, consult our experts.

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