Get Accuracy with Hi-tech features in Plastic Impact Tester

Get Accuracy with Hi-tech features in Plastic Impact Tester

Plastic Material is often tested for their toughness, strength and resistance against impact. There are numerous test methods available too. However, consumers prefer the best always. They choose material as per the quality test standards. It is checked if the material shown is tested under specified test standards or not. A good quality plastic material is the one which is tested OK under defined global standards. Presto Stantest, one of the leading name in the field of material testing solutions brings you a rare combination of accuracy and hi-tech features in one impact tester which works under several international testing standards.

The IZOD-Charpy Impact Tester is a unique testing apparatus which allow the user to perform both Izod and Charpy test on sing system. It is used to evaluate the resistance of the plastic material against sudden falling weight or impact. The equipment complies with ASTM D256 - 10, ASTM D618 - 13, ASTM D883 - 12, ASTM D1204 - 14, ASTM D1248 - 12, and ASTM E691 – 14. The user can evaluate the impact strength force in terms of J/m. The tester uses the pendulum method in order to assess a particular amount of force which is required to break a standard specimen. The machine is renowned in multiple industries but plays a major role in the plastic industries.
Izod and Charpy are two important quality control methods for plastic manufacturers. There are some major differences in the testing procedures. In the Izod test, the test specimen is kept vertically, while in the Charpy test method, the specimen is kept horizontally. The notch faces the striker in Izod while in Charpy the notch is faced away from the striking weight. The Charpy method has two notch types, V-notch and U-notch, while Izod has only one notch type.
Equipped with a microprocessor-based digital screen for observing accurate test results. Parameters such as impact absorbed by the material or testing angle are displayed on the screen. The user can see if the set requirements are correct or not prior to initiate the test. Distinct and strong fixtures are available with the Izod-Charpy tester for two different mode testing. One can expect high accuracy in the test results with precise impact force generation. The pendulum-release method uses electromagnetic forces for its throw mechanism. The digital display has Bright LED-equipped in it for visible reading in low light conditions too. The tester can be calibrated using the inbuilt calibration facility prior to starting a test with the distinct standard. The control button has a feather–touch effect to deliver smooth operation.


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