Get Accurate Wall Thickness Measurement in just 3 Steps

Get Accurate Wall Thickness Measurement in just 3 Steps

Measuring the wall thickness of any material, components, part or final product is a very important step in its quality. This structural analysis can assess any types of properties of that particular product. Moreover, sometimes this is only important for following the standard given by the customer for the design. For instance, if the customer which will be supplying plastic plates have told the manufacturer that he needs 0.5mm thickness in the middle circle and 1mm thickness in the outer ring. The to maintain the business you have to deliver exact thickness but while manufacturing in the production line there are so many glitches which occur due to big or small negligence. The how you are supposed to declare that your final product follows the given standards. What you need here is an easy and accurate method of estimating the wall thickness. This can be done by  Magnamike 8600 – the wall thickness gauge.

3 Steps to a perfect evaluation process

Magna Mike 8600 is a very efficient and light in weight instrument. It is specially designed by the team of Olympus to conduct highly accurate wall thickness measurement. It can deliver faster, the precise testing results in a non-destructive method. It only works on non-magnetic products as it uses a metal target ball and electromagnetic probe.
The device works on the principle of Hall Effect and is using magnetic field deflections for measuring the wall thickness there are no chances of any kind faults and defects. The measurement process is very smooth and completes in 3 easy steps.
Step 1 – A metal target ball is kept on one side of the specimen and the magnetic probe on the other side.
Step 2 – the target ball is moved throughout the surfaces along with the probe.
Step 3 – the distance remaining between the target ball and the probe is the wall thickness of that surface area.

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