Get Cobb Value of Kraft Paper with Standardized Test

Get Cobb Value of Kraft Paper with Standardized Test

Kraft paper with its various qualities is used for multiple applications which include, Paper sack for cement, food, chemical powders, flour bags, grocery bag, envelop etc. It is to be noted that all these applications may be different from each other but require their material to be of good quality, especially its absorptiveness. Every single application need a distinct level of absorption quality and therefore, it is important for manufacturers to fulfil this requirement using standardized Paper & Paper Board Testing Instruments.

To check the absorption factor, Cobb value of Kraft paper must be evaluated. However, it is of huge importance that the test equipment should be of high-quality and deliver precise results. As incorrect test data will not assure you of the material quality properly.
Cobb Sizing Tester is the test equipment which you need for evaluating the Cobb Value.
To initiate the test, first, cut out a circularly shaped sample (the shape must be as per the test area, so the sample can be easily placed) from Kraft paper. Weigh the sample in dry form and note it down. Then Place the sample in the test area and fill water as per the test requirement (in the cylindrical test area). Wait for a particular duration of time and then rinse the extra water. Take the sample out carefully and use the roller to extract the extra amount of water. Weigh the sample. Now subtract the dry weight from the wet weight, the value you have is the Cobb value of Kraft paper. This the amount of water the sample absorbed in a defined time period.
Presto Cobb Sizing Tester comes with special sample locking mechanism, corrosion-resistant main body, along with a roller and a rubber pad for sample placement.  The equipment can also be offered in a combination with weighing balance in a kit (on request). There is two water level indicator carved inside the test area at a distance of 10 mm and 25 mm. it complies with IS 1060, and TAPPI –T441.


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