Get High Quality of Packaging with Scuff Resistance Tester

Get High Quality of Packaging with Scuff Resistance Tester
Packaging quality says a lot about the brand. It is the first sight which falls on the cover of any product. Now that is the space where maximum amount of attention can be snatched. Therefore, it is very important to take care about the quality of packaging cover. Starting from the printed data and the color and the design, everything matters a lot. In this blog section we will get to know about scuff resistance tester and its role in resolving packaging quality issues.

To assess the behaviour of the label, you don’t have the eternity to observe. This is why accelerated tests are performed. To adjudge the behaviour for scuffing, a scuff resistance testing instrument is used. It subjects the test specimen to continuous friction and results are observed visually. Say, what is the behaviour of the printed film after 500 rotations? Just set the number of rotations, the machine would complete the test in few hours. This test fast forwards the frictional effect on the test specimen.

Testing apparatus’ functions
It is a motorized assembly and has a plunger arrangement to place two samples facing each other. The arrangement of the machine moves in a rotational motion. Due to continuous friction of the samples, the scuffing starts to take place. The number of rotations are set using pre-set counter. Once the test is over, the samples are taken for observations. Depending upon the test results, further actions are planned.

Presto Scuff Resistance Tester rubs two printed surfaces against each other (face-to-face) in the same plane, at the same speed under a constant rubbing pressure. The scuff tester can be used in Paper & Packaging industries to evaluate color transfer from printed or coated surfaces during rubbing. 

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