Get the Right Equipment for Free Falling Impact Test

Get the Right Equipment for Free Falling Impact Test

Plastic films are very much renowned and used in various industries. They have multiple applications in packaging industry and others too. But whatever the application is the plastic films are supposed to deliver extreme strength and durability.  Manufacturers or supplier must be sure that the material they are using is strong enough to support their applications. Thus, conducting quality control process is important. The strength and impact resistance of plastic films are checked with perform Free Falling Impact Test using a standardized Dart Impact tester. This test involves a free fall of dart from a specified height and the results are visually inspected. However, a right equipment is all you need to make a greater change in your production line quality.

The testing equipment is designed to conduct impact test process for packaging films. The vitality of the falling dart makes the poor quality film fail under indicated conditions. The dart has a hemispherical head and is held by a solid electromagnetic dash holder. It is made under Test Standard IS 2508:1984(R2003), ASTM D1709-16A.
Electromagnetic Hold and discharge system used for Free Falling Impact Test. Customizable Drop Height. Inbuilt Digital counter to count number of falls amid single test activity. Annular clasping gadgets for zero slippage. Single Push activity. Protecting structure to keep the fall from dropping out after the test.
Solid base plate with tough structure. Clasping Shield with customizable neckline. Vacuum pump for low micron test holding. It is generally utilized by plastic film producer for surveying the quality and sturdiness of their plastic films, adaptable films, sheets and related items. Works as indicated by both Method-A and Method-B of test standard.
To initiate the test process, first of all the packaging film is clamped using the annular clamping tightly. And the protective shield is also set as per the test sample. Then using the electromagnetic hold set the dart and let it fall on the film. This test will denote the impact a film can take and on the basis of which the quality is checked.


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