Give Your Packaging A Strong Adhesion Strength With Peel Strength Tester

Give Your Packaging A Strong Adhesion Strength With Peel Strength Tester

peel-adhesion-bond-seal-tester-300x300Packaging is a huge industry that has been serving many other industries on a large scale. The packaging of a product is solely responsible for its protection ad well as it good looks while it is being transported from the factory to the storage or to the customers. Adhesive packaging materials constitute an enormous portion of the packaging industries and for best quality of packaging of the products, it is essential that the adhesive strength of these materials is of best level. Ignoring the quality of the adhesion offered by these materials can be dangerous as well harmful for the quality and safety of the products. That is why the packaging industries need to test the quality of adhesion offered by these products using adequate testing instruments and procedures.

Best Solution to Measure the Quality of Adhesives

Peel strength tester is a very useful testing instrument that is used for testing the adhesion strength of various packaging materials used in packaging industries. With the help of this instrument, the manufacturers can perform accurate Peel adhesion of Pressure sensitive tapes, BOP tapes, and many others.

Analyze Peel adhesion of Pressure sensitive tapes with Peel Strength Tester

Presto is a major manufacturer and supplier of high accuracy Peel Adhesion testers that are designed to provide an accurate analysis of the adhesion strength of a variety of materials. The instrument is manufactured with best quality materials in the state of the art facility of Presto Stantest and assembled in compliance with all the international standards such as ASTM, ISO, BIS, etc. With such high accuracy and ease of operation, Presto’s Peel Adhesion Tester is a must have for every packaging industry where adhesive materials are used.

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