Give Your Paint Products Best Flexibility with Flexibility Testing

Flexibility Testing

When a metal sheet is painted, the paint is meant to protect the sheet from external effects such as weathering, corrosion, effects of oil and grease, etc. The quality of paints used on the metals must be of the best quality so that there are no chances left for the external environmental factors to affect the quality and safety of the sheet metal surface. One of the most prominent problems related to painted surface is that when they experience a certain degree of bending, it causes the surface of the paints to develop cracks which compromise the safety of the surface. Additionally, cracked paint surface also results in the bad appearance of the surface.

Need for Conical Mandrel Bending testing

The paints and coatings need to be tested by manufacturers for crack development due to bending so that they could ensure efficient products to the clients. The manufacturers should perform a conical mandrel bending test according to the procedure stated in the standards ASTM D 522, which states how to perform the test in the most scientific manner.


The Apparatus

The basic principle of the test is that the paints and coating extend along with the surface when the surface is stretched. This stretching is performed manufacturing of different products from the material. In order to perform this test, the apparatus prescribed in ASTM D 522, should be a Conical Mandrel Bending Tester that has a metallic cone that is able to provide the desired degree of bending to the substrate. Along with that, there must be proper panel clamping arrangements, rotating arm for panel bending that is mounted on a rigid metallic base.

When it comes to finding the best testing instruments, Presto is a one stop solution for all the testing needs. The Conical Mandrel Bending offered by Presto is one of the best devices to test the flexibility of the paints and coating that are applied on various metallic substrates such as metal sheets, pipes, etc.

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