Sterilize Medical Products With High-Quality Of Hot Air Oven

High-Quality Of Hot Air Oven

Sterilization is a major requirement in the industries where medical instruments are designed, manufactured and used on a large scale. Sterilization is used to make the products free from various types of dust particles, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and many more. The process of sterilization is done mainly in the laboratories of rubber industries, medical tools manufacturing industries, and many more. Sterilizing the instrument is quite important because if these instruments are used without sterilizing, it will lead to the refusal of the entire lot. Hence, the manufacturers need to make used of best sterilization techniques to sterilize the products. One of the widely used testing devices which is used for sterilization is “Laboratory Hot Air Oven”.

Being a manufacturer of medical instruments, you must need to buy the high quality of Hot air ovens. To do a valuable deal, you must check following things in the instruments: Laboratory hot air oven specification, features offered by the device, whether the instrument conforms to various national and international standards, warranty period of the device and many more.

Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer of testing equipment, offers best and topmost quality of Hot Air Ovens that conforms to various standard test methods that are provided by standardization authorities.

Specifications of Presto’s Hot Air Oven

  • Inner dimension of the instrument is designed with stainless steel material with the dimension of 18″X18″X18″. The outside body of the device is constructed with Mild Steel.
  • The instrument offers the temperature range up to 250oC,
  • The instrument comprises of digital preset timer up to 999 hours.

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