Calculate Melt Volume Rate Of Plastics With Highly Effective Melt Flow Index Tester

Calculate Melt Volume

The melting process of polymers is directly correlated with the value of melt flow index of a particular grade of polymers. The process of determining the melt flow index of the polymers can be performed with the help of a highly-effective testing instrument known as Melt Flow Index Tester. The device is used to measure the Melt Flow Index or Melt Flow Rate of the Plastics. Melt Flow rate sometimes is also considered as the Melt Volume Rate of the Plastics.

Melt Flow Index is calculated by measuring the flow of melted thermoplastic polymers. It is also known as the mass of plastics in grams per ten minutes which is flow out from a capillary tube having specific length and diameter which comes out when heated at a particular temperature and the pressure is applied to the plastic with the help of different weight.

Presto Stantest, renowned in offering best plastic testing solutions to the customers in the form of high-quality of testing equipments. One of the best testing machine offered by Presto to test the quality of plastics is Melt Flow Index Tester. The device is available in two different model i.e. deluxe model and next generation model. Both the instruments are used to measure the melt volume rate of the plastics. Both the instruments are easy to operate and offer best and accurate test results to measure efficiently the quality of plastics. The device is provided with the user manual for easy and safe operations.

Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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