How Auto Burst Bursting Strength Tester Improves Test Quality?

How Auto Burst Bursting Strength Tester Improves Test Quality?

Bursting strength test is the most common practiced method for estimating the burst resistance of paper material, corrugated fibreboard, and paperboard sheets. However the apparatus or the machine used for test uses manual operations such as rotational wheel and manual clamping etc. There is no bad in that but improvement is required at every stage. Thus, use of automation technology is the need of this hour. Bursting Strength Tester – Pneumatic Model comes with auto-burst feature to allow rapid and precise testing.

The test device is equipped with pneumatic cylinder which deliver pressure for pushing the clamp downwards and put a vertical load on the specimen. With use of pneumatic controls one can assure that there is minimum human interface. This way the test results do not get hampered. The clamping section is specially designed to support the specimen material and ensure there is no slippage. The base test areas is grooved with circular design so that there is a specified amount of friction between the sample and the base during the test and it doesn’t move from its place.

The display screen is based on microprocessor program which shows test results including the pressure applied, at which point the specimen failed and bursted. The burst point is the peak load at which the specimen failed. The load value is recorded and saved in the memory for further use. It has feather touch control button for user comfort. A standardized and precise gauge to monitor the pressure applied. Single push button for operation. 


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