How Destructive Tests Help In Building Good Quality Bottles

How Destructive Tests Help In Building Good Quality Bottles

PET bottle industry has grown quite vast since a few years. For storage and packaging, it is considered as one the most preferred ways. The reason is, it stands sturdy against the shocks and wrenches during transits and stacking. It has considerable more tolerance than glass bottles. It is less prone to bursting than glass bottles. That is why it can keep inside contents intact for a longer time, even in extreme conditions.

To fulfill different quality conditions, PET bottle manufacturers conduct various stringent tests on the bottles. All these tests conducted comply with the industry standards. To make these tests a success, it is very important to work with testing instruments, like hot water bottle cutter or wall thickness measuring instrument, that give accurate results. For this, the precision required in building testing instruments should be taken care of.

For PET bottle testing both destructive and non-destructive tests need to be performed. However, there are some unavoidable destructive test without which the quality of PET bottles cannot be standardised. But the advantage of a destructive test is that, once the test is performed and standards are set, whole manufacturing line can be adjusted accordingly. Such tests help in manufacturing bottles of controlled and assured quality.

The main reason for having uniformity in the bottles is to prevent them from toppling. Balancing is very important factor in good quality PET bottles. Even weight distribution across the bottle would help in achieving good stability. The result of skipping this test could lead to a defective product line. And the manufacturer could not judge why the bottles are toppling or falling when filled or empty. Especially in the case of chemical packaging, it is very important to consider this test. Otherwise, things may turn disastrous. E.g. the whole lot of packaging containing chemical gets spoilt, or a chemical containing bottle toppled which is left open.

One of the most commonly performed tests is bottle cutting test with Hot wire bottle cutter. The main objective of this test is to weigh the different sections of the bottle. Every section of the bottle; bottom, top and cylinder should weigh equally. Equal weight of every section reflects the uniformity throughout the bottle. Cutting a bottle manually is certainly not possible for testing as this may lead to the deformation of the sections and uneven sections. This leads to inaccurate results. Thus, the purpose of testing is lost. This testing instrument, here plays a very good role in cutting sections of the bottle, uniformly. A bottle to be test is placed in between the clamps, Hot wire bottle cutter has wires which get heat up rapidly passes through the clamped bottle. At the end of the test, the uniformly cut pieces can be collected. After this, each section is weighed on a digital meter.

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