How Does Presto Salt Spray Chamber Touch Screen Model Work?

How Does Presto Salt Spray Chamber Touch Screen Model Work?

Testing corrosion of metals is very important to make sure that metal lasts for a longer time. This can easily be done with the help of Presto Cass Cum Salt Spray Chamber that will help you detect the corrosion resistance of surface coatings when exposed to a salt-laden environment. This is one of the most useful time-tested instruments by Presto that have been specifically designed to assess the rust-proof properties of components to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. With the help of this testing instrument, you will be able to make an accurate analysis of the corrosive properties of metals and related materials. Here in this blog, we have come up with information about working on this amazing testing instrument. We will also provide you with information about how the Presto salt spray chamber is different from other brands. So, let us get started.

How Presto salt spray chamber is different from other brands?

The ferrous metals will get exposed to different types of environmental conditions. In this scenario, the use of the Presto Cass cum salt spray chamber serves to be very beneficial for you. This testing instrument will help in the analysis and quality assessment of metal products. The test temperature in the chamber is user adjustable from ambient to +49°C ±1oC and is controlled by a PLC controlled PID. The touch screen installed in the Salt Spray Chamber is a powerful tool that eases the analysis of corrosion resistance for a wide variety of sample types. It consists of various other features as well, which makes it different from other brands. Here are the features of Presto cass cum salt spray chamber:

  • Advanced PID controller for effective temperature control
  • Easy to install and low maintenance required.
  • Highly Accurate Temperature Controlling to +35 0 C
  • Zero corrosion PT 100 sensor is incorporated in the touch screen
  • It also has 8 function keys, a 3M flash memory, and provides a USB host for a USB flash drive.
  • The ergonomic position of the touch screen ensures ease of use.
  • It also supports Ethernet communication protocols
  • This testing instrument delivers perfectly accurate testing results.

Technical specifications of Presto Cass Cum Salt spray chamber

  • Chamber Temperature: Ambient to 490 C.
  • Air Saturator Temperature 40o C to 490 C.
  • Fog Collection Funnel: 10 cm Diameter & 80 cm2Area
  • pH Value of Salt Solution: 6.5 to 7.2
  • Test Air Pressure: 0.7kg/cm2 -1.2kg/cm2
  • Mass of Salt Addition: 5% of Salt Addition
  • Outer Body Material: Fiber Glass
  • Chamber Temperature Least Count: 0.1 0 C
  • Chamber Temperature Repeatability ±20 C
  • Air Saturator Temperature Least Count 0.1 0 C
  • Air Saturator Temperature Repeatability ±20 C
  • Mode of Operation: HMI Interface
  • Electrical supply: 15 Amp. 230 V AC, Single Phase, 50 Hz + Earth
  • Power consumption: 4.2 KW

How does Presto Cass cum salt spray chamber work?

If you want to operate this testing instrument easily, then you need to follow some essential steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, turn ON the machine by plugging the main socket of the machine into a 3 pin 15 amp socket. Ensure all operational safety notices and pre-requisites have adhered to the standards.
  • Rotate the “Main Switch” Knob from the Control Panel. Open the Electric Circuit Panel and check whether all the MCB’s are “ON”.
  • Now, you need to fill the air saturator with a DM solution. You can do this by connecting the M8-PU pipe with an air saturator DM water inlet port. Now fill the air saturator with DM Water.
  • When you follow all the above-mentioned steps, then you need to prepare the salt solution to fill the reservoir tank.
  • The next step involves the preparation of the specimen. You can do this by placing the specimen to allow a free setting of fog on all the samples. Ensure that the salt solution from one sample should not drip on another sample.
  • Commence the test, after following all these necessary steps.

In this way, you can successfully conduct the test, with the Presto Cass cum salt spray chamber. This is one of the amazing testing instruments, one can buy for their metal industry to make sure they deliver high-quality products. If you need to know more about the different models of this testing instrument, along with salt spray chamber price, then give us a call at +91 129 4272727 or email us at Our experts will always be ready to assist you.

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