How Humidity Chambers are Becoming Back Bone of Different Industries?

How Humidity Chambers are Becoming Back Bone of Different Industries

Humidity chamber is used to test the products in different industries like electronics, cosmetics, metal, aerospace, rubber, chemicals, textiles, packaging, microbiology, pharmaceuticals etc. The raw materials and final products of all these industries get severely affected by environmental conditions and humidity is one of the major factors. In this post, we would discuss some industries that are dealing with the environmental challenges using Presto’s Humidity test chamber


This one industry can never take chance with the quality of its products. There are strict regulations to control the quality of drugs that are being produced and the way they are packed. If the compositions are being affected by moisture or humidity present in the surrounding, they may show volatile behaviour after consumption. Such negligence can result in serious consequences. This is why humidity chambers are a common sight in every pharmaceutical industry.


In microbiology labs, it is not necessary that these chambers are being used for preventing humidity. In certain research, there is a demand to create a humid environment, so that behaviour of microorganisms can be studied. The test specimen is kept under observation in the test chamber for predefined hours and the effect can be observed. Humidity chambers are useful in enabling the culture of tissue, cells and organs in a controlled environment. 


Product failure cannot be afforded in this particular industry, as huge monetary investments, research and precious human lives are involved. This chamber, along with other machines, can replicate the conditions of the outer space. It is very important to understand the behaviour of hardware used in the machinery, if it is capable to withstand severe climatic conditions or not. 


This industry relies a lot on humidity test chambers as automobiles are often parked in open space, completely exposed to all environmental conditions. Usually, drive-in chambers are preferred by automotive manufacturers. Apart from that, the part manufacturing companies utilise these chambers to test the automotive components individually. They should withstand the reputation of the brand and must sustain the harshest conditions with minimum wear and tear.  

The end user never knows about the arduous process every industry incorporates to deliver high-quality products. In fact, testing instruments play a key role in production of products belonging to different industries. Installing high-quality testing machines need good investment, which increases the overall cost of the products. This is why consumers, nowadays, are accepting the fact that quality things come with a price tag. 


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