How Salt Spray Chamber Works for Ferrous Metal Corrosion Test?

How Salt Spray Chamber Works for Ferrous Metal Corrosion Test?
Ferrous Metals majorly contains iron as their active ingredient. Beside which they also have small amount of other metals and elements added to the composition to deliver required properties. Ferrous Metal like iron are magnetic in nature and exhibit very little resistance towards corrosion. Some common examples for ferrous metals are stainless steels, tungsten carbide, carbon tool and alloy steel. They have a wide range applications in domestic as well as industrial sector. At their manufacturing level, they are often tested for their real life working behaviour in quality assurance department and the most important test of all is the accelerated corrosion test.
To conduct the salt spray test, one requires a high-grade and standardized Salt Spray Chamber. This chamber is already in use in many manufacturing unit and research centres but how many of you know the ideal use of the corrosion test cabinet for ferrous metal corrosion test? This post will help in explaining the step by step procedure to follow when you are testing ferrous metal for their corrosion resistance.

Salt Spray Test Chamber With International Salt Fog Test Standards

The chamber must comply with international salt fog test standards such as ASTM B117 and JIS Z 2371. Prepare the ferrous metal specimen and either place them on the sample rack or hang them. User can place it any way they require as per their industry standard. Pour the salt solution with 5% of NaCl in the cabinet tank. Close the lid firmly. Switch on the operational are and set test parameters such as test cycles, temperature, pressure etc. Post setting the conditions you can initiate the test, that’s it! Now the graphical representation of test can be seen ‘live’ on screen. The test results can be downloaded post the test for further study. 

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