How Test the Color of Textiles Effectively?

How Test the Color of Textiles Effectively

Textile is one of the booming industries all across the globe. With day by day changing trends and fashion, the demand for textile products is also increasing to produce the best quality of products. Due to the increasing awareness of the people towards style, fashion and quality, the demand for elegant and high-quality textiles is also exploding to a new level. The manufacturers are now competing at a higher level to attract more customers only by offering better quality products to the customers. There are no chances of product survival in the market if the quality of the product is not up to the market.

Colour – Major Property of Textiles

Colour is a major attribute of textile products. The manufacturers need to provide the best quality and consistency of the textile products so that more customers can be fascinated towards the product. In order to assure the quality of the products that are offered to the customers, it is necessary to determine the color quality of the fabrics to ensure the quality of the final products.

Digital Color Matching Devices for Color Measurement

There are numerous testing machines that are introduced by the manufacturers of testing instruments to measure the color quality of the products. One of the widely used testing devices which are used to measure the color consistency of the fabrics in different lighting conditions is Digital Color Matching.

The testing instrument is widely used to eradicate the phenomenon of metamerism which helps to view the similar color of the fabric in every light condition. The instrument is designed as per the different light spectrum of different regions such as Asia, Euro, USA, etc. The color matching devices with different spectrum are provided with different lights of those specific regions to create a different environment. This helps the manufacturers to determine the color quality of the fabrics in different light and helps to produce high-quality products. The lights that are provided with color matching devices to measure the color quality includes D65 artificial daylight, INCAA, cool white fluorescent, TL 84, Tungsten Filament, and UVB light, UL-30 Ultra loom.

How to perform the test with Digital Color Matching device?

To perform the test, two test samples from same fabric are placed under two different lights and visually examined for any type of difference in the appearance of the products. The device is used to examine the effect of single light on the sample and can also measure the combined effect of two different lights on the fabric. The instrument offers highly accurate test results and helps to solve the problem of metamerism easily.

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