How Testing of Industrial Harness Ensures Employee Safety?

How Testing of Industrial Harness Ensures Employee Safety

For every industry, employee safety is the primary concern, especially in construction industry. You must have seen people hanging on tall buildings giving the finishing touch to the beautiful architecture. Scary! It takes a lot of courage for a person to hang on the height of approximately 40 floors just to clean the window panes. Here, the employee is showing full faith in his employer and on the safety gear that is provided to him. Irrespective of its cost, these harnesses are tested under extreme circumstances for their components like waist belt, tie-in loops, belay loops, buckle, leg loops and of course ropes. 

The ultimate aim of the safety harness is to protect the person from the free fall. In the case of mishap, there is an extreme load on the every component. Any ignorance towards the safety check of the harness may lead to loss of precious life. This is why manufacturers and buyer can never take the chance when human life is involved. The stringent testing process is performed on each and every component. Usually, the product is tested for its tensile strength. Presto offers highly advanced tensile testing machine – Zeus ultimo to check the tension bearing property of the product.

What is a tensile strength?

Tension is the outward force that is applied on the material and its resistance to the tension is called tensile strength. According to the industry test standards, to assess the tensile strength of the material, a sample is prepared and outward force is applied to it until the sample ruptured. Or in the other way, the predefined load is applied on the sample and its behaviour is evaluated under those circumstances. This is also called proof test.

Tensile testing machine – Zeus Ultimo
is equipped with different grips to hold different types of materials. The selection of grip according to test material is important to avoid any slippage and breakage of the sample from the clamping point. This machine is software enabled and supports two-way computer connectivity. This means, operator can control the machine from his computer and takes the real-time data on the same. This machine is capable of applying load up to 10,000 kilogrammes.


The USP of this machine is its over travel protection feature. Once the sample is broken, the sensor will stop the movable plates to move further. Once the test is complete, the plates come back to their home position. This is why it is also called smart machines as it requires minimum human interference.

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