How the Quality of Sketching Paper Should Be Tested?

How the Quality of Sketching Paper Should Be Tested?
The selection of sketching paper must be made with very careful observations. The paper you are going to use its quality will define the picture you will draw on it. Like a good quality, painting can never be made on the cheap quality surface. If you are trying to draw something using scrubbing technique then poor quality paper may not support the same. It will get teared off instantly. So it very important to take care of few things when selection for a sketching paper is made. The quality of paper, it should be acid-free and more aspects. But the most important aspect is the paper density or its weight by mass. This is also one important criterion for categorization of paper. In this post, we will explain about the Grammage kit and its role in the quality testing of paper. 


Testing the Quality of Sketching Paper

The sketching paper falls under two criteria. One is artist paper and the other one is student paper. The main difference is the acidity consistency of the paper. When an artist creates some masterpiece on a paper it is supposed to last for a long time compared to students. Students don’t need their paintings for long. The acidity of paper decides a lot. If the paper is acid-free means it doesn’t contain any acid constituent it will not react with the atmosphere and will not turn yellow with time. It will maintain its quality for long. This type of paper is required by painters. And the acid papers can be supplied to the student category. Now another important factor is the paper density.
For a sketching paper the weight also matters a lot if the paper is too light, it can get damaged easily while getting wet or rubbed or scrubbed. But heavy papers absorb much liquid quantity. And will maintain its integrity for long.
Along with all this, it is very vital that the density or grammage of a paper is evaluated using a standardized instrument like Presto’s Grammage kit. The kit has a weighing balance and a grammage test sample cutter with imported German blades. It is the best example of technology and ease of handling.

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