How Thickness Can Impact the Quality of PET Bottle

How Thickness Can Impact the Quality of PET Bottle

A quality can be defined in many ways. Right size, low chances of failure, the right thickness, high strength, good torque are some things about good quality PET bottles. In the end, high sustenance and low failure rate can be defined as good quality. With the change in the intended application, the quality parameters also change. For instance, the thickness of Pet bottle should be high if oils are being packed inside it. On the other hand, in a mineral water bottle as long as the bottle is not bursting, less thickness can give good results. As this is reducing the overall price of the mineral water bottle. In this post, we are going to shed some spotlight on the testing of different parameters that define the quality of the PET bottle.

Thickness measurement
Even thickness is key to successful bottle production. It not only gives a good life to the product, also it does not generate weak points in the structure. Devices like MagnaMike 8600 helps in downgauging the thickness of the bottle. Cut sizing the bottle helps in reducing the overall plastic footprints and consumption of raw material. Apart from that thickness measurement is used for achieving consistency in the thickness in different regions of the bottle. 
This test is performed to analyse the behaviour of the bottle when handled carelessly. If the bottles are downgauged and not passing the drop testing, it means thickness needs to be reconsidered. In this test, the bottle is lifted to a certain height and dropped from there. The survival of the bottle against the free-falling is analysed visually. The bottle is filled with liquid and height is chosen according to the weight of the bottle.
Bottle burst testing
This test is very interesting. In this test, the bottle is exerted to a certain pressure and analysed at what point it bursts. This test is directly related to the thickness of the bottle. A thin bottle tends to burst easily. But if the bursting pressure is more than the defined values as per the intended application, the bottle is declared as pass.
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