How to Accurately Place Specimen on Cobb Sizing Tester?

How to Accurately Place Specimen on Cobb Sizing Tester

The water absorptiveness levels play a very important role in making your product durable and effective. The higher will be the water absorptiveness level, the more durable the product will be. Thus, it is very important for you to test the water absorptiveness levels of the product in order to improve its quality. Therefore, you can easily make use of the Cobb sizing tester from the Presto Testing Instrument. This durable and efficient to use testing equipment will provide you with standardized conditions to conduct the cobb test. Here in this blog, we will discuss how you can accurately, you can place the testing specimen in a Cobb sizing tester and get precise testing results. But, before that, let's discuss its relevance in the paper and packaging industry.

What is the relevance of Cobb sizing tester in the paper and packaging industry?

In the paper and packaging industry, the use of corrugated paper, sheets, fiberboards, and other related materials is frequent while delivering products to customers. Thus, to make sure that your product will not get rejected by the customers, you can make use of Cobb sizing tester. This is one of the effective testing equipment that provides a simple & standardized method for fast determination of the quantity of water absorbed by a paper or board in a given time.

Packaging products like corrugated boxes or cartons are prone to get damaged through moisture. Thus, with the help of the Cobb sizing test, you will be able to determine the water-resistance properties of materials and test whether that product is suitable for high moisture levels or not. The lower the Cobb value (low water absorption), the more stable the package remains even at high humidity.

Features of Cobb sizing tester

Examining the quantity of water absorbed in a particular period of time will let you assess the Cobb value of the substance. This lab testing equipment has been equipped with an amazing set of features that makes it easy for you to conduct the test. We have created a list of its features below.

  • It comes with lightweight and resilient features that make it easy for you to test.
  • This amazing testing equipment has been made with a high-quality rugged structure with a corrosion-resistant body.
  • The test area of this machine will be made with high-grade stainless steel.
  • It comes with a fast-locking mechanism and can be operated with a single hand.

Technical Specifications of Cobb sizing tester

  • Placement of machine: Bench Model
  • Diameter of Cylinder: 112mm
  • Depth of Cylinder: 60mm
  • Diameter of Rubber Pad: 145mm
  • Two Water Level Indicators in Cylinder: 10mm and 25mm
  • Weight of Hand Roller: 10Kg (Approx.)
  • Body of Cylinder: Stainless Steel Body
  • Body of Mainframe: Mild Steel Duly Powder Coated
  • Standard: TAPPI – T441, IS 1060

With these technical specifications and amazing features, you can use this testing instrument efficiently and conduct the test. To make this testing equipment used for a longer time, you can follow some amazing Cobb sizing tester maintenance tips.

In order to commence the test accurately with the Cobb sizing tester, you need to place the specimen properly. For this, we have mentioned some easy-to-follow steps below.

Easy to follow steps for placing specimen accurately on Cobb sizing tester

Any packaging material made up of paper needs to be undergone with Cobb sizing test so as to assure the cobb value of the product. Whenever you conduct the test with the help of a Cobb sizing tester, then you need to make sure that the specimen will be placed accurately. Thus, we have come up with easy steps to place the specimen accurately.

  • Invert the Cylinder by using the screw which is provided on the side of the device to unscrew the rubber pad.
  • Unscrew the Rubber Pad.
  • Now Place the sample between the cylinder and Rubber pad and provide smooth support to the sample.

With these three steps, you can accurately place the specimen on Cobb sizing tester. If you need any help regarding the working of this testing equipment, any queries related to price, discounts, etc. then you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at Our technical experts will easily provide you with the required information.

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