How to Assess The Durability of Rubbers for Different Applications?

How to Assess The Durability of Rubbers for Different Applications?

Right now, footwear industry is at its boom. The design, comfort and durability are a top priority. And customers too are asking for these three things to be in their shoes. However, durability is one such factor that overtaking are rest of the things. Manufacturers are working on their toes to beat their competitors when it comes to delivering high-quality products. There are different test procedures performed in QC laboratories to assess, consider and reconsider the shelf life of the materials in intended working conditions. 

DIN Abrasion tester is widely used in rubber industry to test different forms of rubber, like, natural, synthetic and vulcanized. In this test, the sample is subjected to constant abrasion through a motorised assembly. It has a cylindrical rotating drum that has abrasive surface mounted on it. The sample holder is placed on a vertical axis over the cylinder. The sample is subjected to abrasion when traversed across the drum. The cylinder rotates on its axis, in both vertical and circular direction. Also, the sample holder rotates in its circular axis. This makes the abrasion process very harsh. However, in reality, the conditions are not such this is why this test can be considered as an accelerated test. The samples are subjected to a specific weight as per the industrial standards or testing standards or internal standards of the industry. 

Features of Presto’s DIN Abrasion Tester

As per the test standards, 1 to and fro of the sample is considered as 1 cycle of the test. Thus, the machine stops automatically when 1 cycle is completed. 
The machine comes with a sample cutting die, so that accurate sample can be prepared according to the testing standards.
2 dead weights accompany the machine and they are 5N and 10N.
The machine follows the testing standard: IS 3400 (Part 3) – 2012: Methods of Test for Vulcanized Rubbers Part 3: Abrasion
The rotation speed of the cylinder is 40rpm and with each rotation, the sample holder moves 4.2 mm. 
The diameter of the cylinder is 150mm and length of the cylinder is 46mm. 
In one cycle, the cylinder rotates almost 84 times which is approximately 40 meters of travel in a straight path. 

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