How to Assess the Flammability of the Garments?

How to Assess the Flammability of the Garments?

When a product is designed, it is important to calculate the dangerous aspects associated with it. Like in the textile industry, it is important to calculate the flammability of the fabric to avoid any causalities in case of a mishap. And, not only for garments, textiles used at commercial level are more prone to a fire accident. The fabric of hot air balloon is the biggest example of this. Different factors of a fabric decide the way it burns, like, its weight, fibre content, finished design, any fire resistance treatment, etc. In colder areas, where fireplaces are very commonly used to keep the homes warm, fabrics are used very cautiously.

Flammability Testing of Garments

Textile flammability is largely governed by Consumer Product Safety Commission. According to the testing procedure, flammability tester exposes the sample to the standardised flame of defined length for a period of 1 second at an angle of 45°. The flammability is calculated by evaluating the time taken by flame to travel across the specimen. This can further be classified into 3 classes, Class 1 – Normal Flammability, Class 2 – Intermediate, Class 3 – Intense.

How Weight of Fabric Contributes To Its Burning Speed?

It does not require any scientific study to understand that light clothes catch fire very easily. Whereas, heavy garments like cardigans and mufflers tend to burn down at a slow pace. But the burning stays for a longer period which means if they catch fire, they are difficult to extinguish. On the other hand, fabrics like velvet catch fire very easily despite being dense and heavy, because their raised surface is exposed to air. 

Presto’s Flammability Tester

The machine has complete stainless steel built to avoid any corrosion. This increases the shelf life of the product. 
The cabinet has seen through the glass to keep a tab on the test while assuring the safety of the operator.
It has a horizontal burning mechanism with 45° angle inclination.
It comes with 2 dead weights.
It has 5 specimen holders to assess multiple samples at a time. 
The machine comes with automatic digital time to record the flammability. 
Presto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of flammability tester in different parts of the globe. If you are looking for advanced and standardised test machines for your R&D or QC lab, contact our experts today. They will guide you in the best possible manner and help you in making a wise decision. 


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