How to Check the Life of Window Frost Films?

How to Check the Life of Window Frost Films

How to test the window frost?

A small replica of window frost is created, the film is stick on the glass sample which is used in reality. This sample is placed inside the chamber and in accordance with the real conditions, the temperature can be set and humid air is created inside the machine. The sample is left there for some hours for few days. However, the conditions simulated are harsher than real life. If sample sustains to those conditions for a shorter period, it would definitely survive in real time. After the sample is taken out, it is analysed visually.

How does humidity chamber work?

Humidity chamber replicates the controlled environment conditions, temperature and humidity. To make it possible, heaters and fans are available. The heaters will raise the temperature of water to create the humid atmosphere inside the chamber. And fans will distribute the heat uniformly. This, making every corner of the chamber equally humid. Here, uniformity matters a lot to avoid the discrepancy in the results. The machine has a water reservoir of approx. 8 litres to support non-stop testing.

There is a spray style atomiser to make the heat moist. The humidity of 65% to 98% can be easily achieved. In this machine, an operator can control the temperature but humidity cannot be controlled as it is a natural phenomenon. Operator presets the value of temperature with which relative humidity is established. But it can be monitored well, as per the test requirements.

Features of humidity Chamber – Prima Series

  • It has a stainless-steel outer and inner body to avoid any corrosion.
  • The temperature range can be set from 15°C to 65°C
  • Humidity from 65% to 98% can be attained
  • It has RS 232 port to support computer connectivity. It logs real time data, up to 1000 readings can be stored.
  • It has an HMI display which also guides the operator
  • To keep the temperature constant, it has an SSR-based heater, cooling compressor, dehumidifier and auto-tune PID control
  • It has glass wool insulation and double door protection to avoid the interference from surrounding and any heat loss.

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