How to Choose a Good Wall Thickness Gauge for Automotive Industry?

How to Choose a Good Wall Thickness Gauge for Automotive Industry?

Thickness gauges are of utmost importance in automotive industry, where verinier callipers cannot be utilised efficiently. For measuring the thicknesses of large sheets, complex grooves, small holes, etc. a smart measurement system is required that can measure thickness of different types of materials without any discrepancies.  

Material Thickness Gauge

Magna-Mike 8600 works on the principle of Hall Effect. In this phenomenon, a potential difference gets created when electric current is applied to the transverse of the magnetic field. The hall effect sensors sense the potential difference and convert it into electrical form to be processed by the subsequent circuit. 
This instrument sounds so simple to work and operate but, it is complex engineering packed in portable and handy instrument. Wall thickness gauge, as it is named, can be used to measuring the thickness of different kind of surfaces other than just surface walls. Despite having so many enticing features, it is very important to consider whether this instrument is fulfilling all your testing requirements of not? 
This leads to certain questions - 
What type of surfaces can be put under test using this instrument? Ferrous or Non-Ferrous? 
          - As it utilised the magnetic field for measuring thickness, it is perfect devices for non-ferrous materials.
What are the conditions in which the thickness gauge will be used, will there be dust, oil, water? In what conditions this thickness measuring device works perfectly? 
          - Presence of dust, oil, water, etc. would not affect the performance, but any additional substrate layer will be considered by the instrument. 
Can it be used of end product? 
          - Yes.
What is the maximum thickness it can measure? 
          - 24.5mm.
What shapes can be easily measured? 
          - It can efficiently measure flat surfaces to complex grooves and small pipe like structure. The targets are changed depending upon the specimen type. Target can be ball, disk or wire.  
Can it measure coated surfaces? 
          - As long as coating is non-ferrous, yes.
Does it allow data logging? 
          - It comes with a smart data logger with huge in-built memory. Apart from that it comes with different ports for transferring data to other potable memories.
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