How to conduct the Best Salt Spray Test?

How to conduct the Best Salt Spray Test?
The salt fog test is conducted to evaluate the resistance of exterior most coating layer of metallic materials. In this procedure, the specimen is put under accelerated environmental conditions in an artificially controlled chamber. This test is best known in industries which deal with metal material and components like electrical factories, electronic manufacturers and many more. Salt spray chamber is the only machine which can imitate the corrosion condition and evaluate the rate of corrosion accurately. This chamber is very much renowned in coating and paint industries too, for checking the protection level of a layer which it provides to the metallic substrate from getting rusted.

Let us try to dig into more technicalities of this test. In this test, the specimen is first carefully placed or hanged on trays. There are varieties of placement for the differently shaped specimens and they are organised in such a way that one part is not in contact with the other. Then the chamber gets closed with a firm lid which designed by following the international testing standards for salt spray test. The angle of the canopy is in such a way that moisture droplet full of the corrosive condition will not drop on the specimen.

Presto salt spray chamber offers a huge list of features inbuilt with the machine. The control of the machine is fully automated and is operated through the HMI based touch screen program. On the screen, you can set the program cycles, the testing parameters and the time. There are many another type of models available to us.


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