How to Deliver Right Thickness Successfully?

How to Deliver Right Thickness Successfully

For a manufacturer, his application is always critical. Whether it’s a Pet bottle carrying aerated drinks or tear seams of air-bags of a vehicle. But there are certain applications which are universally defined as critical because failure in such cases is a matter of life and death. The manufacturer cannot afford to compromise on the quality of such components. And with quality, every factor of the component is considered, especially the thickness.  

Yes, the thickness is as important as the strength of the material. 
Take the example of tear seams of air-bags used in automobiles. The airbags are supposed to inflate when the sensors experience the impact of the collision. There the thickness of tear seams is very important, so as to let the airbags inflate by tearing. If these tear grooves are very thick, the bags will require more pressure and time to inflate which may cause a delay in the inflation. This might result in the injury of the passengers. On the contrary, if the tear grooves are thin, they will allow the bag to inflate with minor collision impact when safety bags are not required. This adds additional cost in replacing the bags. 
Similarly, in PET industry, wall thickness gauge is very useful in delivering the appropriate thickness. With these instruments, PET manufacturing industry is saving huge by downgauging the size of the bottle while complying the internal standards. 
How to measure the thickness of complex surfaces?
With ordinary gauges, it is certainly impossible to reach complex areas of a structure where the measuring thickness is next to impossible. MagnaMike 8600 has made it possible to reach to complex areas without destructing the structure. It comes with a probe and a target (which could be a ball, wire 
or disk). These small targets can reach to anywhere on the complex surface. The magnetic scans the surface from one side and creates a magnetic field, so that target remains on the other side of the surface and move along the probe.
Nondestructive measurement capabilities allow for pinpoint thickness readings in tight corners and grooves.
Repeatability of test measurements of test sample
Expandable Thickness range up to 25.4 mm (1.00 in.)
Replaceable Wear Caps for Probes – Standard and Chisel type
Expanded target selection – 3/16 and ¼ in. magnetic target balls or Wire target
Larger Colour VGA display
Programmable Instrument lock with password
RS-232/USB/VGA output Communication Modes
Designed with IP67 rating

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