How to evaluate the Stacking Friction of Flex Packing?

How to evaluate the Stacking Friction of Flex Packing?
In the industry of flexible packages made up of plastic, it is very important to evaluate the quality of stacking friction. In case the manufacturer ignores this property testing it can lead to excessive slipperiness in packages and which can lead to unavoidable damages during storage and transport. For instance, you are production packaging bags for edible oil. And you completely ignore the fact of testing its stacking friction. And then while loading it in a truck you find it difficult as it just cannot be placed over each other due to its excessive slippery surface. Now, what is the solution? You may invest in another type of packing boxes and will put the oil packets inside and then load it or you will not invest in anything and just load the packets anyway. Now what you get? If you choose to opt another form of packaging the costing increases for no reason and if you don’t opt for any other option the oil packets may slip down the road and get wasted and again you are in monetary loss.


Due to these reasons, it is very important to use a proficient testing machine such as Coefficient of friction tester and use it for evaluating the frictional resistance power of packages.
Other than plastic packaging material it is also used to test other materials such as paper packages, pipe material, etc. By using the COF tester one can inspect and control the frictional movement of packages and get rid of unwanted accidents which lead to product damage and push you for no reason investments. Why anyone would like to invest in other options which may or may not work than improving the stacking friction of your own product.
During the storage and transit conditions there so many possibilities that the product gets slipped and is fallen to a burst packet with entire product damage. This huge loss can be controlled via using a small testing procedure. This will not only detect the frictional resistance but will also help in improving the quality of brands, moreover, it also fulfils the demands of the customer regarding the friction factor.

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