How to Increase the Efficiency of PET Bottles?

How to Increase the Efficiency of PET Bottles?
PET bottles are the widest medium of packaging of different type of liquids. Packaging industry relies a lot on this form of packing to deliver the products successfully to its destination while keeping all their properties intact. Therefore, manufacturing sustainable bottles is a challenge for this industry. There are many standardised test procedures that are performed to grade the bottles based on their quality tests.
Sectional Weight Analysis is one important test which is performed to analyse the even thickness distribution in every section of the body. A bottle can be divided into 3 sections, Neck, Cylinder, Base. It is not necessary to have equal weight of all the sections. But as per the designing standards or the internal standards, compliance of all three sections are important. 
How to increase the efficiency of the PET bottle?
Design engineers invest a lot of time in Research and development of a design that makes a bottle to withstand different factors. The bottle should be resistant to buckling, chipping, cracking, etc. Repeated testing is important to get the desired results. The weight of every section is predefined and every milligram matters. Using a Hot Wire Bottle Cutter, the bottles can be precisely cut into different sections as per the testing requirements for appropriate weight requirements. 
It is used widely to cut the bottle into different sections. While cutting the bottle, utmost care is required so that sections don’t get deformed. Deformed sections and burrs may lead to inaccurate test results. It is a very simple to operate device. It comes with 2 or 3 wires, that heats up rapidly. The wires are attached to a frame Latched from one side. This frame is made to pass through the bottle while wires are passing through the bottle, cutting it precisely into the sections. 
Features :
Sections cut: Top, Cylinder, Bottom
Display and control: Digital Heat display and controls
Bottle Neck Holder: 21.74 mm (Other Sizes available on request)
Heat Control: Variable through Port
Heating Method: Kanthal Element wire
Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
No.of wires: 2
Maximum Diameter of Bottle: 130 mm **
Maximum Cut length: Adjustable up to 320 mm
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