How to make Packages Fit for Rough Transportation?

How to make Packages Fit for Rough Transportation?

With growing business and better road connectivity, manufacturers are expanding their sales by transporting their products to other regions. Along with this, they are also catching up with best facilities and improving the production quality by purchasing parts and material from distant areas. During this exchange of goods, the transit or journey of products is the toughest part of the entire process. Bumpy roads cause transit damage of packages and even harm the products packed inside. Therefore, it is necessary for the producers to assure that the packaging material is strong enough to withstand such transit shocks. For this purpose, one can trust a highly reliable testing equipment called Vibration Table.

This Automated Table is used for testing the tolerance level of packages against transit shocks. It is designed to generate real-life jerks and jolts, experienced by packages on roads or during daily handling. The machine complies with testing standards of ASTM D999, TAPPI T-17, IS 7028(part II). This equipment is renowned for the exact transit jerks which can be controlled and as per test requirement.
The table offers a clear view of testing results through a Digital LED Display, operated by feather-touch control buttons. Using the display, one can set the test cycle runtime and start the test. A wide range of frequency can be set and adjusted precisely to get accurate results. The frequency ranges from 2 Hz to 6 Hz. The table has a rail on the sides to avoid sample slippage during the test. It can take up to 100 Kg of load with its strong base plate and rugged structure.
Three models of the Vibration Table are available with different control mechanism - Electro-mechanical, Pneumatic and Electromagnetic. Along with this, the equipment models are also categorized under distinct testing modes - Vertical synchronous, Vertical asynchronous, Swivel synchronous and Swivel asynchronous. In Swivel Model, four angles test mode (0°, 30°, 60°, and 90°) can be conducted. The angle is changed as per the modifying sprockets present in the machine.
The real damage which may be experienced by the packages can be simulated and replicated by the Vibration Table so that the user can get faster results. The damage caused can be visually inspected post-test.

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