How to Make PET Bottles Leak Proof?

How to Make PET Bottles Leak Proof

PET bottles have always remained the preferred way of packing and storing different materials. Due to its amazing non-reactive properties, they are highly preferred for packing of consumables, like beverages and pharmaceuticals. PET bottles have good barrier properties which completely barred the interference of the environmental factors. Another important feature is their see-through properties, the manufacturer can decide the see-through nature of the bottle as per the demand of the application. Their non-breakable nature makes them preferred in heavy duty applications. 

Their sturdy properties make them stand straight when compared to glass packings, which is brittle and expensive. PET bottles can easily survive in the long transportations due to their flexible and break resistance nature. In fact, many beverage and pharmaceutical industries are replacing their glass packings with PET. 
With the rising demand for the PET bottles, there arises a stiff competition among the manufacturers to make their market hold strong. This is why manufacturers are investing more time and money in making their PET products best in the market. Here is a list of parameters that are considered while performing a quality check;
- Even thickness of the bottle walls
- Base clearance
- Leak-proof
- Buckling strength
- Drop strength
- Internal strains in preforms

Leak Proofing – An Important Quality Aspect

A layman user would never be able to identify the defect like the uneven thickness of the bottles or its drop strength, but yes, he would easily recognise the defect if the bottle is leaking. This is why leak testing is becoming the foremost test to perform on PET bottles.  



How to Perform Leak Test?

A vacuum leak tester is used to perform the test. In this test, the sampled bottle is placed inside the desiccator or vacuum kit. A predefined pressure is created inside the kit and bottle is made to hold the position for certain time period and then the pressure is released. The vacuum inside the kit creates a negative pressure inside the bottle which makes the bottle to inflate at first. When the pressure is released, the bottle regains its size and shape. If bottle shows any uncertain behaviour, this means there is leakage in the bottle. 

Key Features of Vacuum Leak Tester 

It is manufactured according to ASTM F 2338-09(2013) and D 4991-07(2015) standards
It comes with changeable timer units – sec: hrs: min
The instrument gives real-time inspection data
The testing device has inbuilt calibration facility
It is operator Friendly
Preset Timer Function and Inlet vacuum pressure settings are also available for repeatability and precision 

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