How to Measure Thickness of Automotive Parts?

How to Measure Thickness of Automotive Parts
The increasing demand of high-quality automotive products by the customers has compelled the manufacturers to adopt best and high-quality manufacturing practices to assure the quality of the products to the customers. In the current working scenario, the basic requirement of every manufacturer in the automotive industry is to conduct different quality check steps and procedures so that best quality and better quality can be availed by the customers.

Automotive Testing Equipment for Quality Measurement

To ensure the quality of the automotive components manufacturers makes use of high quality of automotive testing equipment. One of the widely used testing devices is Magnamike 8600. It is a portable thickness measurement gauge which works on a magnetic method to measure the thickness of the non-ferrous materials without destructing the quality, shape and size of the products. It is the best testing device to make repeatable and reliable measurements on non-ferrous materials.

How does Magnamike 8600 work?

Magnamike 8600 is a simple device to operate. Measurements with the device are made when the magnetic probe is placed and scanned on one side of the test sample, and a target ball is placed on the other side or dropped inside the component cavity or the container. The instrument works on the principle of Hall’s Effect sensor that measures the distance between the target ball and probe tip. The measurements of thickness instantly displayed on the screen and can be read in the digital format.

Applications of Magnamike 8600 in Automotive Industry

With the changing technologies, more metallic components are replaced by the plastics. The use of these plastics is growing day by day offers the ease of manufacturing to the manufacturers and helped to diminish the cost pressure of the manufactured products. The automotive manufacturing companies all across the globe are making use of plastics to optimise the cost of the product and to enhance the quality of the product using high-end quality products.

Presto Stantest offers a wide range of automotive testing equipment to the manufacturers of automotive components. Out of the available range of testing machines, Magnamike is the best device which is used to measure the thickness of various components such as door locks, clutch, steering, etc. The user can test all types of components using the thickness measurement gauge. The instrument is applauded by all the automotive manufacturers all across the globe. The device is designed as per the norms that are set by standardized authorities such as ASTM, ISO, BIS, etc.

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