How to Protect Products from Moisture & Heat?

How to Protect Products from Moisture & Heat

Dry Heat Sterilization is the best testing technique that helps to disclosure the products time for 1.5 hours to 3 hours under high temperature to perform moist heat sterilization. The technique is used to protect the products microbes, contaminants, and microorganisms by creating dry heat inside the chamber to create Dry heat sterilization. Dry heat sterilization is performed using Dry Heat Ovens. The ovens are used to sterilize the products that usually get damaged by moisture or moist heat such as medical tools, sharp instruments, powders, petroleum products and many more.

How do sterilizers work?

Sterilization is done by conducting a test using a testing instrument known as Hot Air Oven. During the test procedure, the product which is placed for sterilization captivates the heat on the outer surface of the material and then allows the heat to enter layer by layer. After the procedure, the complete material reaches a level of required temperature to carry on the sterilization procedure easily.

The process of dry heat sterilization burns the organisms layer by layer by oxidization of molecules and eradicates the microbes and microorganism from the material and keeps the material clean and hygienic to use. The dry heat sterilization is performed on the products by creating sufficient amount of dry heat inside the ovens. The dry heat is maintained at least for one hour using Hot Air Ovens to destroy the difficult and harmful chemicals & germs from the product. To perform the dry heat sterilization, actual time and temperature limits need to be set as per the three common time and temperature relationships:

  • 150oC for 2 ½ hours and so on as per the requirement
  • 160oC for 2 hours,
  • 170oC for 1 hour,

How can Dry Heat Sterilization be performed?

Dry heat sterilization can be performed using two different strategies:

  • Static Air Type
  • Force Air Type

The static air type is known for the sterilization that which performed using ovens that comprise of heating coils on the bottom of the device to create hot air inside the chambers with the help of gravity convection. This type of sterilization helps to maintain consistent temperature throughout the oven.

Another way to perform sterilization is Force Air Type. This type of sterilization is also known as Mechanical Convention Sterilization. This type of sterilization comprises of the blower which moves with the help of a motor. The motor and fan of the device help to maintain an even temperature inside the chamber.

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