How to Test the Flexural Strength of Footwear?

How to Test the Flexural Strength of Footwear

Rubber is widely used in Footwear industries for the manufacturing of footwear and footwear soles. The soles of the footwear are usually designed using rubbers as it is elastic in nature and offer great comfort to the users. In the quality conscious world, customer demands only for the best quality of footwear. Manufacturers of footwear industry ensure the quality of the elasticity and flexural strength of the footwear only by ensuring the quality of the rubbers that are used to manufacture footwear. For this, the manufacturers require high-quality of Footwear Testing Equipment. The testing machines help to assure the quality of the rubbers before commencing the manufacturing procedure so that the finest quality of products can be delivered to the customers.

Problems with Rubber / Footwear Sole

The major problem that arises with a rubber sole is the cracks that usually occur when the quality of the rubber is not up to the mark, it will not be able to bear the flexural forces. To test the flexural property of the rubbers, manufacturers provided flexural forces to the material that develops cracks on the surface of the material and helps to ascertain the efficiency and actual working life of the product. It is the major responsibility of the producers to test the resistance of rubbers to cracks using appropriate Footwear Testing Equipment or Footwear Soles Tester. Click here, to check the specifications and features of rubber or footwear testing equipments.

How to Test the Resistance of Rubber to Cracking?

One of the major devices which are used in rubber industries to test the elasticity, flexibility, and quality of the rubbers is the “Footwear Testing Equipment”. The instrument is used to check the flexing ability of the rubbers samples. At the time of testing, the sample is clamped on the device, and flexural forces are provided to the material that helps the operator to assess that how the material will behave when provided under flexural forces at the time of its working. The machine also helps to ascertain whether the material can survive for long when provided under flexural forces or not.


Footwear Testing Devices by Presto

Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer of laboratory testing equipment, offer premium quality of “Footwear Testing Equipment”. The instruments are designed as per the standards that are provided by various standardization authorities. The range of devices that are offered by Presto to test the quality and flexural strength of the Rubbers are Bennewart Flex Tester, De-Mattia Flex Tester, Ross flexing tester and many more. For more information on the rubber or footwear testing devices, click here.

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