How you can Check GSM of Fabric with a GSM Testing Machine?

How you can Check GSM of Fabric with a GSM Testing Machine?

The fabric industry is also gaining popularity in the eCommerce market. According to a survey, there are various types of testing instruments available in the market that will help you to ease your operations regarding GSM testing. One of the most reliable and trustworthy testing equipment that will let you check the GSM of the fabric is the GSM testing machine by Presto Testing Instruments. Here you will find a different set of testing instruments that are available at the best prices. This could be one of the reasons that Presto Testing Instruments is considered to be the best testing instrument suppliers and manufacturers in the manufacturing industry.

This amazing testing equipment can be used for quality control, developers, manufacturers and dealers to test the GSM of various other materials including the one made from paper. You will get amazed by knowing some of the features of the GSM testing machine by Presto.

Amazing features of GSM testing machine designed and manufactured by Presto

Besides measuring the accurate GSM value of the products, this testing machine has been embedded with several amazing features. We have listed its features below.

  • With the robust design and anti-corrosive surface, you can easily evaluate the results of GSM testing.
  • You will be able to get precise cutting to check the grammage of samples.
  • Long-lasting service and maintenance provided by experts at Presto.
  • Get an enhanced testing experience with the help of this testing instrument.

These are some of the features you will get while you opt for GSM testing equipment from Presto Testing Instruments. There is another wide range of testing instruments as well that is available on the website. So, if you want to know about the working procedure of GSM of a fabric, then here we have listed some informational steps about it. You can read those steps and get to know about its working.

Working procedure of GSM of a fabric

If you want to calculate the GSM of a fabric, then we have listed some steps below. You can go through it.

  • When you want to take the GSM of a fabric, then you need to place it on a hard surface and cut it with the help of a GSM cutter.’
  • After that, you can easily measure the weight with the help of an electric balance.
  • Once you weigh sample on an electric balance, then you will find the weight values to be gram per square meter.
  • After getting the value, you can simply multiply it by 100 and obtain a GSM of a fabric by using the cutter.

You can also make use of a GSM testing machine by Presto Testing Instruments to get the best results. Here we have also listed some facts about the GSM machine.

Facts about GSM tester machine

  • This type of machine is commonly used in the corrugated industry and provides flexible packaging options.
  • This machine is very light in weight and can provide accurate and seamless cut off samples.
  • It serves as a complete package to check the grammage of different materials.
  • Besides being a lightweight machine, it has german cutting blades with a GSM round cutter.
  • GSM tester from Presto has a safety latch facility that prevents any damage while testing.


Here in this blog, we have listed brief information about the GSM tester machine. You can easily purchase it by consulting from us. Besides that, if you get any query or need a demo of using the machine, you can contact us through email and phone number.

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