Impact of Bursting Strength of PET Bottles on Consumers

Impact of Bursting Strength of PET Bottles on Consumers

At present, PET bottles are becoming the most common packaging for cosmetic, detergent, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries. Due to the light weight nature of PET bottles, it is more preferable than a glass container. The other characteristics of PET bottles are wall thickness, transparency and strain distribution. These bottles are non-reactive i.e. do not react with liquids and are resistant to microorganisms. It can be moulded to any shape and provides hassle free protection at the time of transit. To ensure the protection of liquids inside, quality checking is a vital process which it must undergo. Advanced and quality machines are used to conduct tests on bottles.

Bottle Burst Tester is used in manufacturing industries to test the amount of pressure a bottle tolerate at the time of the filling process. PET products are the most consistent means of packaging. In the current scenario, this mode of packaging is used widely in every production line to give safety to liquid products. The quality of bottle must be as per standard otherwise it can damage the liquids stored inside. Manufacturers must test the efficiency and quality of each bottle with respect to set standards.

The bursting strength is the most important factor that influences the quality of a bottle. High carbonated pressure is created inside the bottle at the time of the filling process. Even if the pressure is applied to retain the freshness of packed beverage, it can cause the bottle to burst at the time of transit or storage. Checking capacity of taking internal pressure is an important to test to be conducted.


PET Bottle Pressure Tester is an ideal set up for the test methods to perform. The properties of PET containers that are tested from time to time to ensure its quality is perpendicularity, balancing, bursting strength etc. Manufacturers of PET bottles should consider the health of the consumers. Ignoring the quality of products can lead to major accidents. So, a detailed test of strength should be conducted until it reaches safely from manufacturing plants to the hands of end customers.

PET bottle Burst Tester is specialised test machine to test PET bottles. Its touch screen technology is an important feature. It helps to provide a close estimation of bursting strength of the bottle when it is exposed to filling pressure in the carbonated soft drinks vertical. A major problem with the bottling of carbonated drink is that the PET bottles get bursted easily if more pressure is applied or the bottle has low strength. So, the manufacturers need to test the burst strength of bottles by using accurate testing methods and device.


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